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About Kebo
  • Zhejiang Kebo Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is a professional solenoid valve manufacturing enterprise , there are the departments of R&D , Production, Sales , Service and so on .It is an excellent company and was established in 2002. It past the ISO9001:2015 international quality  system and ISO14001:2015Environment Management System and OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System  and the products have the certificates of CQC,TüV, CE ,UL and NSF .Some of products filled the blank of the technology in the specialized area, and gained numbers of the national patents. As the drafting member of Solenoid Valve Industry Standard of China, Zhejiang Kebo Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd is in the leading position of the China local Solenoid Valve industry .

Fax:86-577-61312521 61312522
Add:No.2216-2218, Xingfu East Road, Hongqiao Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China.

Service Hotline

0577-62385019 Copyright © 2016 Zhejiang Kebo Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved


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